Our Technology

Digital Microfluidic Device (EWOD)

Electrochemical BioSensor

  • Basic Metabolic panel

  • Lipid Panel

A Portable blood testing device


For us, it all started when we got fascinated by the rule of law in tiny scales (microscale) where the gravity loses the dominance, and the surface becomes critical.
With studying the dominance of the forces in micro scale, we come up with a microfluidic device which can manipulate droplets in the range of 100-500 nL.  

Medichip's heart is a state of art integration of a digital microfluidic with combinations of electrochemical sensors. This combination provided us with the idea of having a platform that enables the blood test with the smallest amount of sample (YES! a drop of blood), which also results in a massive reduction in reagent use and eventually results in a more cost-effective screening.
This blood analysis will be fully automated in the fastest way ever possible.
With having more than a decade of experience and knowledge, we formed a startup to create a stand-alone device which can acquire a drop of blood and provide patients with Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) and Lipid Panel (LP) in less than 20 minutes. 



Why Medichip?


20 min

(Acquisition to Result) 

Only with one drop of blood 


No need for phlebotomist

Cloud Data

Shows your Trend for you and your Doctor



Our Goals

We believe in our product and its capability;

location doesn't matter!

Health Centers

A device with one operator


 A fully automated stand-alone device

Home Use

 A fully automated reloadable device

Locations patients prefer to have blood test

Last update (December 2017)

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''Treatment without prevention is simply unsustainable''Bill Gates

Regular Blood Test 

Healthy Life-style

Save money 



Founder & CEO


Want to change the way we do blood test!

"Have a healthy disrespect for the impossible"

larry Page


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